Doctors of Chiropractic are spinal health experts who focus on the relationship between the spine (and pelvis) and the function of the nervous system and how this can promote health and wellbeing.

At Explore Health, your caring and dedicated Chiropractors will listen to your health history, perform thorough examinations including orthopaedic and neurological exams, before implementing a plan to help you reach optimal health and wellness which will include specific adjustments to your spine (to restore proper function of your spine and nervous system) as well as advice on nutrition, exercise and stress reduction.

We use gentle specific spinal adjustments utilizing a variety of methods including low force, manual and cranial techniques to suit you and your family’s needs. As Chiropractic helps to assist body order, everyone, from babies a day old to the elderly, can benefit from chiropractic care. It is a safe, gentle and very effective form of healthcare.

We can assist you with acute/chronic conditions (back/neck pain, headaches, extremity conditions to name a few) as well as childhood conditions (colic, poor sleeping/feeding issues, recurrent colds/ear infections or digestive issues) and wellness care (helping you achieve optimal function within the human body).

There are many benefits to be gained from visiting your Chiropractor…

  • Chiropractors help improved posture and sleep, achieve better focus and attention and better circulation throughout your body.
  • Many patients enjoy the benefits of keeping up with their kids and grand kids by enjoying a better range of motion and decreased muscle soreness.
  • Our Chiropractic children’s clinics are a safe, gentle and natural form of health care that doesn’t use drugs or surgery. Parent’s and loved ones have peace of mind that their children experience natural non-invasive therapy.